Here at Damon, we’re no stranger to disrupting and then turning the electric motorcycle industry on its head.

From our Shift™ technology to our award-winning CoPilot™, we pride ourselves on shifting the gears of what’s possible in modern motorcycle technology. This has led to the first-of-its-kind 100% electric multi-variant powertrain, HyperDrive™.

However, before we get into how and why we made HyperDrive™, let’s provide some background on what a motorcycle powertrain is.

What Does a Powertrain Mean?

To put it simply, a powertrain is a producer, converter, and consumer of energy, all with the aim of getting the vehicle moving. 

From the smallest scooters to the heaviest cruisers – be it powered by gas or electrons – motorcycles all share common drivetrain configurations:

  1. Fuel or Energy System
  2. Motor/Engine 
  3. Transmission
  4. Final Drive (chain or drive shaft)
  5. Wheels

These components are usually attached to a frame structure with little to no integration.

Render of the Damon's Hyperdrive
Damon HyperDrive™

What’s Different About Damon’s HyperDrive™?

Now that we’ve established what a powertrain’s function is, let’s get into what makes HyperDrive™ so unique. 

Firstly, it’s all-electric. Say goodbye to volatile carbon-rich fuel, tanks, fuel injections, air intake and filtration systems, hot exhaust pipes, and emission systems – not to mention valves, pistons, and rings! More importantly, say hello to life without frequent maintenance and care to keep those systems operating properly.

Because HyperDrive™ is a fully-electric, 450 nominal volts powertrain platform, it has very few moving parts and requires virtually no maintenance. What does this mean for you? A lot less stress! Instead of constantly tinkering with your bike, this zero-emission and trouble-free powertrain platform allow you to focus on what’s important – riding!

Furthermore, it’s the world’s first all-electric multi-variant powertrain platform. What do we mean by multi-variant? Well, this monocoque-constructed powertrain is at the core of every Damon motorcycle. In layman’s terms, this means that HyperDrive™ can be adapted for electric motorcycles that all differ in range, horsepower, and top speed. 

On the flip side, other bike brands usually require a different powertrain to support each of their models. This represents a practice more in tune with the costs and complexities of ICE motorcycles. Not content with following the old order, Damon’s powertrain design is focused on the requirements of an electric vehicle – that starts with building the best battery technology and packaging.

Up until HyperDrive™, the elephant in the room for electric motorcycles was the issue of weight. This is exacerbated by the current powertrains on the market not keeping the pounds off. HyperDrive™ changes all of that. By using the battery cells and battery as a structural element of the bike, our multi-variant powertrain makes all of the HyperSport family lightweight and easy to operate.

How does the HyperSport family compare? Take a look at our handy comparison chart to help you find the right HyperSport for you:

What About the Numbers Behind HyperDrive™?

It’s all well and good to be raving about our multi-variant and all-electric powertrain platform, but we need the specs to back it up. 

Thankfully, this ball of energy packs a powerful punch. However, don’t just take our word for it. Let the numbers behind HyperDrive™ do the talking, with a focus on three specific areas:

3D render of a Damon Hyperdrive with its battery cells
Battery Cells Within HyperDrive™

100, 150, & 200: The Battery Ranges HyperDrive™ Supports

As mentioned above, HyperDrive™ is designed to enable a multitude of battery capacities for all Damon models. 

Let’s take a look at that in action. HyperDrive™ can be used in:

  • HyperSport SE (100 mile range)
  • HyperSport SX (150 miles range)
  • HyperSport HS (200 miles range)
  • HyperSport Premier (200 miles range)

So whether you’re a commuter or a tourer, HyperDrive™ is the saddle that will support your riding, range, and budgetary needs.

48: The Total Weight (lbs) of the Motor

HyperDrive™ uses industry-leading cells that deliver over 200 Wh/kg pack level density. On top of that, an advanced cooling system with water-cooled battery cells and power electronics allows >3C continuous discharge rates at speeds of up to 16,000rpm to the direct oil-cooled, 6-phase internal permanent magnet (IPM) motor.

Moreover, the ultra-dense HyperDrive™ motor weighs in at a meager 48lbs. Despite being extremely lightweight, the motor is designed for performance and is capable of delivering well over 200 horsepower and 200 nm of torque.

See how these specifications stack up against the most futuristic motorcycles on the market today.

45: The Minutes It Takes to Charge a HyperSport

Damon’s 200 club has already been well-documented. The HS and Premier hit this figure for top speed (mph), range, and torque. 

Yes, our HyperSports are fast. However, our integrated charger may be one of the speediest features of our motorcycles. Our in-house developed 6.6 kW integrated charger can be plugged into any level 1 or level 2 public charging stations throughout the world. Additionally, it’s also capable of 25 kW DC fast charging. How long does this take? Under 45 minutes from zero to go time. At half charge? You’ll be topped up in just 20 minutes.

30: Members of Our Team Who Continue to Break the Mold

The major criticism that has been levelled at electric motorcycles in the past is that they’re too heavy and are, therefore, inaccessible to some riders. 

With this in mind, the Damon team engineered HyperDrive™ to act as a structural component of the motorcycle itself. The battery enclosure optimizes weight distribution for high-speed stability and handling. On top of that, it also acts as the motorcycle’s load-bearing frame. This massively reduces weight, cost, and bulk – especially when compared to conventional framed motorcycles.

Even with a 200Wh/kg energy pack – the densest in ground transportation – our team of 30 designers and engineers has not stopped from pursuing every opportunity to increase our motorcycle’s range and performance.

Damon Motorcycle's team members on an online meeting
The Damon Motorcycles Team

0: The Number of Fatal Accidents We Envision by 2030

HyperDrive™ brings us one step further to our goal of eradicating all fatal accidents on Damon motorcycles by 2030.

“We’re on a mission to radically improve motorcycle safety. Our core values permeate the vehicle’s design and the systems in them. From passive thermal propagation resistance in our battery packs, to redundancy in critical drive systems, to our novel CoPilot 360º collision warning system, our aim is to invent the future of motorcycle safety and performance.”

Derek Dorresteyn, COO at Damon Motorcycles

And as well-meaning as they are, no amount of awareness campaigns, compulsory riding lights, or neon vests have reduced motorcycle accidents at significant rates. The only way to bring about a paradigm shift in motorcycle safety is through the use of disruptive technology.

HyperDrive™, CoPilot™, and Shift™ are examples of the disruptive technology needed to change the face of motorcycle safety forever.