Electric motorcycle vs. gas motorcycle is a debate that few could have foreseen ten years ago. Back then, despite electric motorcycles being more beneficial to the environment than their gasoline counterparts, there were no other obvious benefits to speak of. 

However, fast forward to today, and the narrative has turned upside down. The environmental benefits are still there, but there are now many more aspects to consider. Bike brands, such as Damon, have developed groundbreaking motorcycle technology to push what electric motorcycles are capable of. As a result, electric motorcycles are beginning to overtake gas motorcycles in terms of power, looks, & technology. Electric motorcycle vs. gas? It’s a very close race!

For all the naysayers out there, we’ve compiled a list of 8 advantages of electric motorcycles when compared to gas motorcycles.

1. Deliver Instant Torque and Power

If you’re all about performance, electric motorcycles have a clear advantage over gas motorcycles.

ICE engines take longer to hit peak power and deliver maximum torque – both of which require the engine to be spinning at a high RPM rate. On the other hand, electric motorcycles can reach their peak power and torque instantly from 0 RPM.

What does this look like in practice? Let’s take a look below

chart comparing torque and power of 5 different electric motorcycle models

As you can see, no matter the ICE engine’s cc, it simply can’t match the instant torque provided by an electric engine. All Damon HyperSports can go from 0-60 in less than 3 seconds. Not only is this very fun, having instant torque and power can make all the difference when needing to get out a sticky situation quickly or moving out of the way to prevent getting hit.

3D Render of the HyperSport Damon Models HS, SX, SE, and Premier.
Damon HyperSports

2. They Require Much Less Maintenance

If you’re an experienced rider, you’ll know that gas motorcycles are fiddly and frequently require tinkering and maintenance to keep them humming along without problems.

While this may appeal to some, the majority would agree that ongoing motorcycle maintenance takes away from the most enjoyable part of owning a motorcycle: riding. Thankfully, electric motorcycles are a different story. As they don’t feature pistons, valves, oil, carburetors – or any other component that may need your attention – they are extremely low maintenance.

Keep it charged, keep your tires pumped, and enjoy the ride!

rider in the woods sitting on gold damon hypersport
HyperSport Prototype

3. Electric Bike Brands Are Introducing Revolutionary Business Models That Save You Money

A myth that surrounds electric motorcycles is that they are far more expensive than gas-powered motorcycles. And while they are a more expensive alternative right now, some electric bike manufacturers are introducing business models that turn motorcycle ownership on its head and pass the savings onto the consumer. 

Damon has embodied this concept with our subscription plans. Similar to a mobile phone, we allow you to choose a 24, 36, or 48-month subscription plan on any HyperSport. This means that you could pay as little as $199 a month* and ride off on a top-of-the-line electric motorcycle. Moreover, when you reach the end of your subscription, you can trade it in for the next model up!

How have we done this? A big reason is our revolutionary 100% electric, multi-variant powertrain platform, HyperDrive™. This monocoque-constructed powertrain is an integral part of every HyperSport. HyperDrive™ can be adapted for any model, regardless of range, horsepower, or top speed. 

A multi-use and multivariate powertrain platform saves us a heap in research and development and allows us to pass the savings on to you through our subscription model. Motorized motorcycles seem cheaper, but they don’t have the technological capabilities that bike brands like Damon do. This subscription model is just the start. It’s also a clear indication that electric bikes will eventually become more affordable and accessible than gas motorcycles. 

*Terms and conditions apply

4. Electric Motorcycles Are More Comfortable Than Gas Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are undeniably more comfortable than gas motorcycles. If you’ve never driven an electric motorcycle, this claim may make you slightly skeptical. However, once you’ve gone electric, you’ll notice it instantly.

First off, there’s the vibrations. Gas bikes vibrate while you’re riding and while you’re waiting at the traffic lights. While this issue is becoming better with newer models of gas motorcycles having engines with counter-balancers – the issue will never really go away. Electric motorcycles don’t vibrate and keep you at peace – even before you’ve had your first cup of coffee. 

Bike brands are also starting to harness the power and capabilities of motorcycle technology to put a focus on motorcycle ergonomics. Here at Damon, we did this by inventing our groundbreaking Shift™ technology.

This feature allows riders to adjust both their handlebar and footpegs while riding or in standing position – all at the push of a button, This means that whether you’re cruising on a weekend drive or carving through busy commuter traffic, you’ll be in the riding position that works for you and your back. So, if you value comfort, electric motorcycles are the ride for you. 

5. Limits Noise Pollution

A controversial entry to this list but another great aspect of electric motorcycles when compared to gas motorcycles is how quiet they are. The myth that electric motorcycles are completely silent isn’t 100% true, however, those noises are minimal – especially when you compare that to the exhaust noise produced by some gas cruisers.

Many people claim they prefer loud bikes. However, we’d wager that they are yet to try an electric bike and experience the multiple benefits – one of which is a reduction in noise pollution. 

Electric motorcycles not only prevent you from waking your neighbors on nighttime rides, but they also allow you to experience the sounds of your surroundings and generally lead to a happier and more peaceful riding experience. 

man riding damon hypersport premier at high speed on a country road
HyperSport Premier Prototype

6. More Convenient Than Gas Bikes

Electric motorcycles are now much more convenient than gas motorcycles. The previous limitations of short-range and lack of charging infrastructures that made electric motorcycles more of a headache than gas motorcycles have now been eradicated.

In 2021, the amount of level 2 and DC chargers on the road has boomed and total ranges have increased across the board. So much so, it’s not uncommon to find electric motorcycles offering a highway and city range of 200 miles.

Furthermore, instead of having to make an early morning trip to the gas station when your bike is in the red zone, electric motorcycles allow you to simply plug in and charge up from the comfort of your own home.

As an added bonus, electric motorcycles now have the capability to power your house. For example, all of Damon’s HyperSports come equipped with V2H (Vehicle-to-Home) connectivity, meaning that your HyperSport is capable of inverting up to 6.6 kW of power directly back into your home. This symbiotic relationship between your motorcycle charger and your home’s power grid results in 21 kWh of emergency backup power for your home – just by owning an electric motorcycle.

Damon Electric motorcycle being charged in a station right outside a house garage
HyperSport HS

As you can see, electric motorcycles are not only now more convenient than gas motorcycles, they’re also able to power your home! How cool is that?

7. Much Better for the Planet

The unwavering and undeniable plus of electric motorcycles is their positive impact on the environment.  While this has been a benefit since  EVs came on the market, it’s more poignant now than ever before.

The work we all need to do to reverse the impact that CO2 emissions have had on climate change needs to start now. In fact, the IPCC report, published by the UN in 2018, stated that in order to prevent worldwide temperatures from increasing by 1.5° C by 2100, we need to cut our CO2 emissions by 45% by 2030 and hit a net zero by 2050.

ICE motorcycles and cars don’t help us meet this goal or reduce worldwide pollution. On the other hand, according to research from the University of Macau, electric motorcycles consume eight times less energy and emit almost half the equivalent CO2 of a gas motorcycle.

The shift towards green vehicles is already in the works – from public entities moving towards electric fleets to local and federal governments offering financial incentives to switch to electric vehicles. So, do your part to contribute by going electric!

8. Electric Motorcycles Are Being Built Safer Than Gas Motorcycles

Electric motorcycles are not only safer for the planet, they’re also safer for riders, too.

Electric motorcycle companies are pushing the envelope when it comes to motorcycle safety. How? By using motorcycle AI and big data to build bikes that are in tune with your surroundings and potential hazards.

At Damon, we’ve done just that by fitting our HyperSport models with our award-winning Advanced Warning System for Motorcycles (AWSM). This revolutionary tech does a 360º scan of your surroundings and alerts you of any possible dangers. It warns you through a combination of:

  • Haptic handlebar feedback
  • Integrated windscreen LEDs
  • Always-operational 1080p front & rear-view cameras
  • Long range radar

On top of that, the anonymous aggregated data collected via our AWSM is all passed into the Damon cloud. This means that Damon motorcycles are constantly learning and adapting to their surroundings.

Gas motorcycles don’t have the same capability or capacity to incorporate this kind of advanced technology. And while you can buy off-the-shelf warning systems for gas motorcycles, they’re usually very expensive and don’t measure up to the built-in safety technology of our electric motorcycles.

Therefore, if you’re looking to practice safe motorcycling, electric is the way to go. 

Electric Motorcycle vs. Gas Motorcycle? It’s No Contest

There are so many advantages of electric motorcycles, all of which make gas motorcycles look like old news. 

If electric motorcycle vs gas motorcycle was a boxing match, electric motorcycles now have gas motorcycles on the ropes. And futuristic electric motorcycles will continue to layout knockout blows. Gas motorcycles aren’t going away overnight, but the scales have shifted. 

For riders that want better performance, more comfort on and off their motorcycle, and feeling as safe as possible, electric motorcycles are the superior choice of two-wheelers. 

Do something amazing in 2022 and test drive the motorcycle of the future